1. Toys for Tots
    Toys for Tots
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  2. Membership Drives
    Membership Drives
    Our members are the most important people in out organization and we encourage all our members to invite a marine, Corpsman, Chaplain of Associate to join our ranks.
  3. Community Service
    Community Service
    Community Service Projects are things that benefit the community. We support emergency disasters with donated funds to Veterans that have suffered a disaster. We have a dedicated disaster relief funds setup for this effort. Not only do we support with funds, but with water, food, clothing, and we collect for any effort that is required.
  4. Eagle Recognition
    Eagle Recognition
    We pride ourselves in the recognition of local Scouts when they reach the Eagle Scout Rank. We present to all Eagle Scouts a Good Citizenship Award certifi- cate
  5. Va Service Team
    Va Service Team
    Our detachment Veterans Service Officer coordinates all activities at the Veterans Hospital and responds to the needs of the veterans. Some of the projects that we have accomplished in the past are the veterans annual VA Carnival, Presentation of IPADS to the wards for used by the veterans to communicate with their love ones, and monetarily supported Veterans in dire need.o customize its format. Double click
  6. Scholarships
    Our Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation supports students of veterans with disabilities. The foundation has a blocked scholarship fund which assists funding the Marine Corps League's Scholarship Pro-gram. Scholarships are applied for and awarded by the Marine Corps League Scholarship Committee using applications and standards developed by that committee.